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  1. I just switched on Radio 1, and caught JK and Joel trailing a competition they're running next week. Radio 1's Chart Show is giving away tickets to the LA Premiere of POTC:DMC to a lucky winner on the show next Sunday.

    Wouldn't it be great if a ka-Bloomie won and got to meet Orlando on the red carpet?

    To enter, listen to The Chart Show with JK and Joel on Sunday 18th June from 4-7pm BST. The website is here, but there's no mention yet. Radio 1 broadcast on 97-99FM analogue, on digital radio and TV, and you can stream it live from online by following the link above :) .

    I hope as many of you as possible can enter!

  2. OMGOMGOMG! (Sorry, fangirl moment over.) Extras is simply brilliant. I watched the last season and thought hopefully how hilarious it'd be if Orlando got the opportunity to send himself up on the show. Quite often, famous actors will play the opposite of what they are in RL, so I imagine he'll play himself as a bit of a git. Awesome! If this is true, I can't wait!

    I've seen Ricky Gervais interviewed a few times, and I'm fairly sure there'll be a second season. He's certainly been talking about it.

  3. The link to the clickable version doesn't seem to be working for me on this one.
    Thanks for highlightling the problem, Sandra - I fixed it (a missing hyphen in the URL), so it should work now :) .

    I love the new pictures - thanks for going on a shopping spree, Geri! He looks so good in this movie.

    I tried not to read the text... but then I did :doh: . I'm so weak-willed :lol: .

  4. That was cool. Thank you stopjaxh and Jupiter :hug: !

    » Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «
    You know, having watched all the trailers so far, I only just realised that the other piraty dude from the beach scenes is Norrington! I figured it was Jack Davenport as soon as he spoke! I'm glad he gets to be hawter in this movie, after looking like "an ice-cream" in the first film!
  5. who is Lord Beckett?

    I believe he's the one we see in the trailer standing in front of the giant map saying "Jack Sparrow is a dying breed. Jack must find a place in the new world, or perish." Other than that, I can't say. I'm not reading the book!

    Oooh, Tom Hollander's character. I like Tom Hollander, although he always seems to get saddled with annoying characters :lol: . Cool, thanks Faye.

    Did I mention that I can't wait for this movie?!

  6. Am I right in thinking that this will be a regular movie for the theaters, rather than a TV series? Although I don't recognize the young actress's name, with Colin Firth and Orlando attached, it seems that it should do well in theaters around the world.

    I think it's a one-off drama intended to be shown on the BBC. It wouldn't be shown in cinemas, although I'm sure you guys will get it on TV over there, too.

    I'm excited about this - I hope Orlando gets the opportunity to do it. Homelessness is still a massive problem in this country.

    Anyone who saw the original drama - where was it set? Oop norf or dahn sarf?

  7. Just a quick reminder - it's often the case that if pictures which are turning up around the internet aren't posted here, it's because they're bootleg. The pictures linked in the above post, for example, haven't been officially released. We really don't want to be eaten alive by the Disney Corporation, so please refrain from posting or linking to the images at this stage. If you're unsure about pictures, please do e-mail or PM us for clarification. Jan has posted about this, in a rather more articulate fashion, here.

  8. :lmao:

    This is brilliant! What will we find at the supermarket next? What about:

    • POTC wellie boots
    • POTC loo roll
    • POTC vitamin C tablets in the shape of pirate medallions to ward off scurvy... arrrrr.
    • POTC hot water bottle (especially for rebecca, to entice her to buy one)
    • POTC garden furniture
    • POTC corn plasters
    Bring it on! Thanks for the expert ka-Bloomie journalism, McJules!
  9. Thank you so much for the report, Suzie. It sounds like the extended cut is amazing, and I can't wait to see it when it comes out on DVD. It makes me sad that the film was so butchered in the editing.

    This made me sit up and take notice:

    After Balian arrives in Jerusalem, he takes a bath ( yes, ladies, there is a bath scene! ). OMG! Balian is done with his bath, and wants to come out, but the ladies don’t hand him the towel to cover himself with, so he asks them to hand him a towel. They do, and when he comes out of the tub, the dry him with towels, giggling. Then there is an extended scene where Sybilla tries to wash Balian’s face, but hesitates. She says, ”washing your face isn’t adultery.” It’s obvious these two are already having strong feels for each other. Then what about THAT scene? AHEM! Let me just say if you thought Orlando’s love scene in Midsomer Murders was heavy, you will faint! Boy!


    Thanks again for the review, Suzie, I'm glad you got to see it.

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