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  1. Hi everyone. Just thought I'd come in and confirm what I knew would probably be happening anyway. I've looked at it from many angles, and unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to make it to Con this year. I simply can't take the time off work at that time of year - I have an exam and interviews around that time, as well as inducting the new intake of junior pharmacists and preparing for life in a new rotation (possibly a new hospital). Plus my boss says no. I'm really bummed about it, to be honest, as I've loved the last two cons I've been to, and it means I won't get to see any of you guys this year. However, I will be involved as much as I can in the build-up, adn anything that needs looking after while you're all away. And I will be in the States at some point this year on holiday with my mum, so if anyone can meet up then (dates TBC), let me know.


  2. Do you remember the name of the hostel, Kat? Some of the members might be looking for budget budget accommodation. How did you find it?

    It was the HI Boston. HI hostels are great - really reliable. It's gone up to $25/night for a dorm bed (4-8 per room), or $80/night for a private room, but it's still an absolute bargain. It's right around the corner from a T station, or a 15-20 minute walk away from Boston Common.

  3. I'm afraid I'm not a huge amount of help, as the only place I stayed while I was in Boston was a hostel! (However, for anyone on a particularly miniscule budget, it was brilliant - clean, friendly staff, internet access, close to the city centre and a T station, free breakfast, and only $20 a night!! Bargain!)

  4. Thought I'd better let you all know that my attendance is still rather up-in-the-air. As I may have said before, September is the time when the new intake arrives and is inducted, and work would prefer to have all the current year 1 pharmacists (of which I am one) there to induct them in the ways of surviving on call. I could take a few days out, but I'd most likely want more than that, as I'm planning a trip to the States with my mum sometime late this year, and I can't afford to go twice. I'll have a word with my boss, and see what's what, but I may have to miss out this year (which really upsets me, but I'm taking it like a man). I'll keep you posted.

  5. OK, no problemo. It's my own fault for having a weird job! Mid to late September is OK in theory, but the new intake will be on induction, and I may not be granted leave, as my year are expected to do quite a lot of the inducting. Stupid job! I'll see how things pan out.

  6. 07/08/2008 to 10/08/2008 - Difficult-ish (but only because it's school holidays, therefore more difficult to get time off work, and more expensive with airline fares and hotels - same applies to the three below)

    14/08/2008 to 17/08/2008 - Difficult-ish

    21/08/2008 to 24/08/2008 - Difficult-ish

    28/08/2008 to 31/08/2008 - Difficult-ish

    04/09/2008 to 07/09/2008 - Impossible

    11/09/2008 to 14/09/2008 - Very iffy - expect my diploma exam to be 1st week of October, but might be a week later)

    18/09/2008 to 21/09/2008 - Possible

    25/09/2008 to 28/09/2008 - Possible

    02/10/2008 to 05/10/2008 - Impossible (start of new rotations - may be in a different hospital altogether, and therefore won't be able to book leave at short notice - won't know were I'm going until a month or so before, so will lead to lots of stress re whether I can get leave or not)

    09/10/2008 to 12/10/2008 - Impossible

    16/10/2008 to 19/10/2008 - Very iffy

    23/10/2008 to 26/10/2008 - Iffy-ish

    30/10/2008 to 02/11/2008 - Good

    06/11/2008 to 09/11/2008 - Good

    13/11/2008 to 16/11/2008 - Good

    20/11/2008 to 23/11/2008 - Good

    27/11/2008 to 30/11/2008 - Good

  7. Just realised it'd have to be late October for me, as I'll be in a new rotation, and possibly a new hospital (yikes)! June is still looking OK though.

    I totally echo Judi's sentiment about the west coast. I loved Seattle, but it was so far, the jet lag was so bad, and the flight was really expensive.

  8. Hello! I like the idea of the smaller meet up this year. With Orlando taking some well-earned time out, I agree we'd have trouble raising the numbers to make a big con financially doable. I'm planning a trip to the States with my mum, so may combine the two (either meet up with her after I'm done with you guys, or bring her with), depending on where we go. Mum and I are planning to go to Boston & New York, so somewhere up there-ish (or at least on that side of the country!) would be splendid, although it isn't a must.

    June would be good for me, September not so much (I have my 1st year postgrad. diploma exam). July and August are always difficult, both in terms of getting time off and in terms of prices, as it's school holiday time.

  9. Happy Birthday, Orlando!

    I hope you have a wonderful day, and the year to come is full of... whatever you want it to be full of!

    You inspired this wonderful community, and through it I've been to places to which I'd never have ventured, and made amazing friends from all over the world. Thank you for that.

    Have an awesome day, and keep doing what you do in the knowledge that you will always have a group of dedicated supporters in us ka-Bloomies.


  10. Welcome to the voting thread! Hurrah! As I have to run out of the door to work, this will be brief. So.

    1) Check out all the hilarious photos

    2) Pick the best... worst... whatever

    3 ) Click!

    4) Sorted

    Voting will close on Friday, so make your vote count! Congratulations to all the finalists, and many thanks to all the entrants - it was really hard to choose finalist as all the entries were so good... bad... whatever.

    Kat xx

  11. All the entries so far have been awesome! Congratulations everyone on your truly awful photographic skills. Just a quick announcement (and apologies for the short notice). Due to factors outside of my control, I will need to close the competition before the end of the play's run. In fact, I need to close the thread to entries tomorrow, Tuesday 4th September. Many, many apologies to those who were going to enter the competition after this time, but as I say, factors outside my control.

    So, if you have an entry lurking at the back of your camera, POST IT NOW!!

    After tomorrow, I will establish a short-list (might enlist the help of the staff for that), and post a poll where you can all vote for the winner. Hurrah!

    Watch this space, dudes.

  12. Question ... how does one pronounce "Dearbhla?" Any Irish board members? :)
    As far as I know, it's pronounced Dervla, although I'm not Irish.

    Thanks for bringing the article over, Claire. I have enjoyed Dearbhla Molloy's performance every time I've seen the play, and it was very interesting to read about the character... and of course about Orlando!!

  13. Wow, it pays to be offline for yonks and then have a massive catch up. Crikey.

    I think there's been a haircut in there somewhere :lol: . His hair grows pretty fast!

    He looks absolutely stunning, to state the obvious. I wonder what he bought at Whittards that one time. I love that shop.

    Thanks Jan! (And with that, I'll disappear back into the ether.)

    ETA: (Voice from the ether.) Forgot to say - skinny jeans - woof.

  14. Does anyone know if he signs going in? And roughly what time?

    Hi Piglet. Just to let you know, it isn't really considered polite to go to the stage door to try to meet an actor as he arrives at the theatre for a performance. At this time, most actors will be preparing themselves mentally for the task ahead, and will probably want to get into the theatre quickly and without fuss. Considering how gracious Orlando is every night to come out and meet his fans after his performances, I wouldn't consider it particularly respectful to approach him beforehand. Think of it like this - if you had to sit an exam, would you rather someone came up to speak to you beforehand or afterwards :lol: ?

    If you're in London for more than one day, your best chance of meeting him is to go to the stage door on a night that you're not seeing the play. That way you can get there a little early (the night we met him, we were there about 8.30-9pm) and you'll be right at the front when he comes out.

    Hope that helps :) .

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