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  1. Again you all are so welcome, it was my pleasure. Meg is thrilled that you like them too. She has been having a blast making all sorts of things. I had had her do one for my mom of a hot air balloon that is fabulous. I wish I was creative the way she is.

  2. I'm really glad you liked them. I think Meg has asked me every day this week if you had seen them yet and I'm not sure I have any nails left waiting. We had a blast coming up with the designs and meanings and matching it up to everyone. I hope we came close and you can enjoy wearing them. Now you know why all those annoying questions from me way way back when.

    Miss you guys. Have a Lemon Drop Martini for me!

  3. Excellent. Jan, feel free to leave them in my room if you want to, as there's only me in here.

    Don't know why I just posted that, seeing as I'll be seeing you in about 5 minutes.

    In fact you're here now!

    I love the running commentary. For those of us not there it helps us live vicariously and since work is knee deep I love it. Keep it up!

  4. We'll really miss you, Julia, and we'll toast you with lemon drop martinis.

    Thanks! I may have one too that night. As long as I'm finally over my Dragon*Con hangover by then. I swear those drinks put me under the table all week long. I still don't remember everything I did Saturday. Sigh. But it was a darn great time.

  5. I worked at Meg's over the 4th of July and she is donating a necklace set for your raffle. You are still doing the raffle yes?

    I can go thru my stuff and send things if you need anything. I noticed MegaCalendars has the new 2009 Orlando calendar out and ready.

  6. Steve The Greek is getting me prices on 50 of each size. I didn't take a picture of the big one but it had a high rez photograph on the front and back and was spectacular. The sales guys here were drooling. I liked that I didn't have to use it for my laptop, although I would, but it would work generally and I liked the foam and the light weight. I'll post those prices as soon as I get them.

    The little banner holder is minimum qty of 1 and it costs $15.00 and graphics we want printed.

  7. Ok so working up the items we want in the goodie bag:

    Boston Souvenier: The Boston Tea


    Mini Poster

    Jan's M&M Tins


    Hersey Personalized Candy Bar (I never think there is enough chocolate)

    1 String of Zulu Grass which can be used in about 10 different ways. Will get multiple colors and people can trade about as they want.

    Plain Picture Frame with possible engraving of 5Con on it and I can talk to Meg about getting inexpective charms (brass, copper, etc.) that we can glue onto the frames. Maybe insert a Boston Postcard or just print out Orlando Photos on good stock paper with captions from our favorites like we did with the magnets. Nothing fancy. But Boston related.

    Temporary tatoos. Would need design to get to STG.

    Is that about it or should I look for more ideas.

  8. Since I'm sure most people will want a sourvenier of the city, perhaps a Boston Postcard in our goodie bag so they can mail them out the first day back to themselves as their personalized souvenier.

    This place has lots of Boston Souveniers and post cards are cheap. Actually I think there are several printing places that could make a customized Post Card if we want to go that route.

    Boston Souveniers

  9. Just some links to peruse if we are going on a Party 5 Years Congrats Theme:


    Skull & Crossbones Mardi Gras Beads

    $0.30 each


    Champaign Glass Beads

    2 Doz = $12.65 x 2 = $25.30 / 50 = $0.51 each


    Magnetic Cube Frame Holder

    $7.75 each


    Bubbles w/Logo $0.95 each.


    Congratulations Hersheys Bar of Chocolate Personalized

    $1.69 each

  10. I was also thinking of including a charm that can be added to an existing braclet or necklace, either of the #5 or just the Letter O?
    I've been looking into doing something like that on the lanyards. So far haven't come up with a UK source that will do bulk orders of a single letter or digit.

    This is where it helps to have a Jewlery store owner as a friend. She has the resources and I can get those charms. There is also a charm that is the classic comedy/drama mask as an option. I have plenty to choose from or even a crystal heart in colors if you choose.

  11. Will do. I've been talking to Steve and he is on the lookout for specialty promo items that will come up that he will have extra and can give us at special pricing over th next month or two.

    I need to know minimum quantity needed and also maximum if you plan to sell outside the con so I have a range to keep in mind.

    I was also thinking of including a charm that can be added to an existing braclet or necklace, either of the #5 or just the Letter O? Any thoughts?

    I can also talk to Meg about ordering Zulu Grass at cost for one strand. With just one strand of the stuff you can have a necklace, an anklet, a bracelet, etc.

    Just throwing stuff out there. Heck I was thinking of party poppers and bubbles for interactive viewing of an O movie as in Legloas says a word, everyone drink a shot!

  12. Budget: $18.00 Per Person (includes bag)

    Already includes handmade bookmarks.

    Mini Poster

    Meg will probably be happy to put in a discount coupon from her online store featuring Zulu Grass which is environmentally friendly and helps the Masai Tribe. Will also look into getting some strands for a prize for the panty fling.

    Checking on other ideas with STG:

    Tattoos -- Have yourself a temporary tattoo ice breaker welcome as everyone tattoo themselves or each other. I'm checking with Steve to see if he could do a sheet of several or one and see how cheeply we can come in at.

    Pens -- KaBloom Logo, Quote TBD -- Possibly use the Non-Counterfeit Pens

    One Bigger Item: What do you think of a picture frame so that everyone has one nice one with our logo of some kind on it to place that picture from the trip?

    Early on in the game but I have opened up dialog with Steve and we will put on our thinking caps.

  13. Most definitely. Steve The Greek has some great pens. They are anti-counterfeit so when you use them to write checks, they can't be forged. We buy a lot of these from him and they not only write great but you can add logo's and sayings to them. Thanks! I can't wait to get shopping.

  14. LOL at Judi. I actually can see myself that way. Isn't that scary.

    Nope, nothing so drastic. It's called air conditioning unit for house. However, I talked with Geri last night for a while and she gave me some great advice on what to look for and to make sure I'm not having to buy an entire new unit when I need a $5.00 part. Hopefully that is what it is.

    Does this mean I can't have a scooter and a Lemon Drop Martini?

    I do have hormones out the wazzoo this week and May 2nd cannot possibly get here fast enough for me. It's driving me close to insane. Not to mention I'm bored shitless. I only work at the theatre marginally (( think 16 hours a month maybe) and they have my notice for December 11th . plan your poster requests accordingly. I need distractions baby. give me something to do at night! My gawd I've started watching Hell's Kitchen and they made me listen to Miley Cirus last night and I liked it! It's got to be intervention time soon.

  15. Well interesting week around here continues. At this moment in time, I'm about 75% sure I will not be attending the 5CON this year although I have already set up everything. I'll be more certain in about two weeks of how things stand and will let you know for sure by then.

  16. I'll double check when I get home tonight. Can't get to my personal email at work damn it all and it's not forwarded. I hate AT&T got Bellsouth.

    Anyway, I'm supposed to be booked Wed thru Sunday and it totaled around $700 with tax. I do remember the $169 definitely showingup.

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