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    One Final Look

    Dear molokai, your incomparable creations are among what I will miss most. Thank you for gracing us with your artwork over the years. This latest banner is just perfect. 😍 Mahalo! 🌺 Salamat.
  3. I'm glad that Orlando was able to be involved in this project about something he truly loves. I hope it gets lots of views. Thanks, Rene.
  4. CaliMom

    UNICEF: Trip to Liberia

    It's great that Orlando is able to continue his work with UNICEF. Always giving his time to charity work is such an endearing quality, worthy of our admiration. Thank you so much, Rene.
  5. CaliMom

    Comic Relief: Red Nose Day 2015

    What fun! Loved this so much. And for charity, well that's just the icing on the cake. Orlando kissing for a cause. What's not to like? Thanks, Rene.
  6. CaliMom

    Safari Magazine (Japan)

    Agreeing with Jan. And the Japanese magazines are such high quality, more like really nice paperback books.
  7. Very cool. Glad to see Orlando taking part in yet another charity auction. His scarf should do well to benefit this cause.
  8. CaliMom

    2015 BRIT Awards

    Cute pictures with Rita. Gotta love awards season for the photo ops. I didn't catch the BRITs last night, but have my DVR set for the next showing. Thank you, Rene!
  9. CaliMom

    PICS: 2015 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

    That blue suit looks great on Orlando, as does the new haircut. Wow! Looking young again, it seems. Thank you for these beauties, Rene!
  10. I had read yesterday that Orlando was not going to be in this one, but if they have already cast Will's son, then I guess he'll be in it. I love Javier Bardem, but have grown tired of Captain Jack and Johnny Depp in general. Not looking forward to seeing this film, but will likely see it anyway, only for Orlando's sake.
  11. Hooray! Great news. Thank you, Rene.
  12. CaliMom

    Romeo and Juliet on Broadway

    What a great idea for Valentine's Day, even if it is a tragic story. Thanks, Rene!
  13. CaliMom

    Seeds for Africa Auction

    How cool! I hope how Orlando's items do well for this cause. Thanks, Rene!
  14. CaliMom

    Digging for Fire

    It's always nice to read that a director appreciates Orlando's efforts in preparing for roles. Thank you, Rene.
  15. I always look forward to Vanity Fair's annual Hollywood issue. I'm excited that Orlando is in this year's! The videos were great. Looked like a lot of fun for the actors to make. Thank you, Rene!