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  1. Aww, I love all the pictures, but especially those with Sam. So sweet.
  2. This looks like it was a fun photo shoot and who could ask for a better spokesperson.
  3. Patty

    UNICEF: Orlando visits children in Ukraine

    Thanks for posting all these photos and videos, Rene. I always find the UNICEF site a little confusing. Watching the videos brought tears to my eyes. Watching Orlando put on the flak jacket made me feel a little ill, but he is so loving and giving. And all those precious children and their teachers: I hope UNICEF can help them.
  4. Patty

    Digging for Fire

    The Hollywood Reporter has a review, really more of an expanded synopsis, but it does reveal Orlando's role: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/review/digging-fire-sundance-review-767449 And here's the review from Variety, with a little more about Orlando's role: http://variety.com/2015/film/reviews/sundance-film-review-digging-for-fire-1201416011/
  5. The photos of Orlando were in the January 2014 issue of GQ magazine, Patty. You can find the scans here. :) I know I looked at those when you posted them, but I guess they looked so different in B&W, I did not recognize them... Thanks for the heads up!
  6. Sarah Dunn has a photography website and one of her pages is The Hobbit Specials. All the photos are wonderful and there are two more of Orlando that I had not seen before. :Cloud9: http://www.sarahdunn.com/the-hobbit-specials/
  7. I was looking through a number of Hobbit trailers/previews/etc. and came across a big surprise, at least to me. I was watching the DoS EE extra that various folks have been referring to as a BoFA preview and there is a glimpse of him coaching his mother in her cameo! So cute. At about the 2:19 mark. He is always so sweet with her.I can't tell which movie she might be in, but I bet she'll be at the premiere.
  8. From Ride Apart, a motorcycle interest site, an article about Orlando and yet another motorcycle. Lots more about the bike and the customization. I swear, he's like I am with kittens.. :lol:
  9. Great photos! And I love the blue tux. Poor Orlando, I am amazed he could even speak in complete sentences. He must have literally been going non-stop, from the time the last R&J performance finished until she asked him that question. He does better with jet lag than I do!
  10. Here's a couple of excerpts. Berlin did such a lovely job. And another, a great interview on the carpet w/ Richard Armitage, then Luke Evans, w/ cut-away to Orlando's arrival outside, at about 4'30".
  11. I'm watching the rebroadcast now. Barbara, the announcers speak in English much of the time. When they talk to the fans, most of whom are German, they spoke German. All the cast interviews are in English and the introduction of the cast at the end is, as well. Here is who I believe was there: Ryan Gage Ken Stott Adam Brown Dean O'Gorman Aidan Turner Graham McTavish James Nesbitt Nesbitt girls, Mary & Peggy John Bain (I think) Mikael Persbrandt Sylvester McCoy Luke Evans Richard Armitage Benedict Cumberbatch Orlando Bloom Evangeline Lilly Martin Freeman Ed Sheeran Andy Serkis Philipa Boyens Peter Jackson
  12. The European premiere is streaming here: http://www.theonering.net/torwp/2013/12/09/84455-watch-the-berlin-premiere-live-event-for-the-hobbit-the-desolation-of-smaug/ Orlando is there. Also Benedict, Sir Peter, and Andy.
  13. It was a lot of fun to watch this. Orlando was gracious and looked great. All of the interviewees were so nice and answered numerous questions. One thing that I found so sweet was, just before the movie started, you could watch them getting ready for a group photo. Once it was taken, several folks made a point of giving Orlando a big hug. I especially noticed Benedict Cumberbatch - and then I realized why. Since Orlando has been on Broadway, he flew in just for tonight and most of them had not seen him until that point and were greeting him.
  14. Now that's what I call great news!