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  1. I have seen now that the book is available on Amazon USA, and it seems available too on Amazon Uk, that is where I ordered it. I hope to receive it soon!

    Mayfrayn, I'm still waiting for my copy to be delivered as well. I'm sure we won't have to wait much longer.

    Jan, lovely scans, thanks so much for taking the time to scan them. I've just had a quick glance at the forward, I'm saving the whole thing for when I have my copy. :wink2:

  2. What a fascinating article, thanks so much for posting it spiceitup2007. It sounds like the postcards had slid down a small gap between the fireplace and the wall, just waiting to be rediscovered.

    Many years ago when my parents were renovating their living room they found a small cupboard hidden behind some wooden paneling. Inside the cupboard was a very old, black metal iron (the non-electric variety), a small bible with pages so thin they were just like tissue paper and there was also a man's pipe.

    Its just incredible what small treasures are hidden in the most unlikely of places.

  3. It's been a very long time since I posted here, but I have been reading all your wonderful reports from a distance and enjoying every single one.

    I'm visiting on 20th with a friend and so looking forward to it. I think I may get a little choked myself during the crying scene. I've read the play and got a little emotional whilst reading it, so to watch Orlando perform this on stage is just going to be an incredible experience.

    Thank you for all your wonderful reviews.


  4. Huge thanks to Jupiter for grabbing this clip, I know how difficult this has been for everyone. I'm also pleased that so many other people around the world are now able to see this clip. It was awful knowing that those of us in the UK could watch it and no one else. The only thing we could do in return was to offer a transcript and a few screenshots.

    I've yet to see the entire episode, but, years ago I used to watch 'Casualty' without fail on a Saturday night and there is something about this clip that is very familiar. :huh:

    This episode has not even been released on DVD. This was from Season 11 and only the first three Seasons have so far gone to DVD. I do have an address that I was told we could write to at the BBC for the suggested releases of DVD's. If enough people come forward showing an interest they may just consider it. I won't post the address until I have permission from the PEFIC.

    Thanks once again Jupiter. :hug:

  5. My first initial reaction when I read this was, "Nooooo!" Then the light dawned when I saw where the article originated.

    I know Johnny has said that he is, quote, "Happy to keep going and going with the guy. He's just such a fun character to play." Orlando on the other hand has for a long time been expressing an interest in theatre. From the gossip columns point of view it sounds much more interesting to twist the story and say that his character is being killed off rather than say that Orlando would rather persue other avenues in his career and won't continue playing Will. That's just my personal view on it anyway. There's most probably no truth in this at all, but I often wonder where on earth they pick up such fantastical stories.

    I think if Orlando was written out, Johnny and Keira wouldn't take it lightly. The three make a great team and the characters respond well to one another. Johnny has said that he never wants to see the films become the 'Captain Jack show'. It's all about the triumvirate.

    Long may they continue doing what they so well.

  6. I spotted this in 'Tesco' yesterday. There is a display stand containing a whole range of DVD's in the same foil box.'Troy', 'Alexander', 'Batman Begins' etc, all priced at £6.47. So the foil packaging isn't even unique to the 'Troy' DVD.

    I wonder how many people have rushed out and bought it thinking they may have something special! :bat:

  7. Isawien,thank you so much for the link, it's absolutely fascinating and as I thought, I had the totally wrong idea.

    I even understand the meaning of the title now that is basically telling us it's a story about the years and years of drought. I found the whole article totally fascinating and thought provoking. Take this quote for example.

    The drought – the longest and deepest in over a century of systematic meteorological observation – began in 1933 and continued through 1940. In 1941 rain poured down on the region, dust storms ceased, crops thrived, economic prosperity returned, and the Dust Bowl was over. But for those eight years crops failed, sandy soils blew and drifted over failed croplands, and rural people, unable to meet cash obligations, suffered through tax delinquency, farm foreclosure, business failure, and out-migration.

    Can any of us begin to imagine what it must have been like to live under those conditions?

    Like so many of Orlando's films, this is going to educate many of us on a subject which we know very little. Orlando taught me about Ned Kelly, the war in Somalia, the trojans, the crusades and of course JRR Tolkein. I challenge anybody who tells us we don't learn anything here.

  8. Being British, I don't really know a great deal about the depression era. What I learned about it came from that wonderful television series 'The Waltons'. I'm visualising maybe something along those lines, I may be wrong but it's the only picture I can get in my head at the moment. I guess from what we are reading everyone is interpreting it slightly differently.

    Whichever way it turns out, we know it will be wonderful because of Orlando's incredible ability to convey such a wide variety of emotions.

  9. Thanks for the article MovieImp. It's really interesting.

    He is chronically late for interviews—sometimes four or five hours, sometimes days.

    :O Good Lord!!

    Depp's not ready to let go of Captain Jack just yet. "He's a blast to play," he says. "I'll be in a deep, dark depression saying goodbye to him." He laughs. "I'll keep the costume and just prance around the house, entertain the kids."

    Can you imagine it, kids and friends playing in the house, one asks,"What that's noise?"

    "Oh, it's Dad pretending he's a pirate again!"


    I'll take the kids and we'll go out to the trampoline and the swing set, and we'll stop by the garden and see how our tomatoes are doing. You know, old-fart stuff. Good stuff."

    :lol: Is that dressed as Capt. Jack or not!

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