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  1. I think it's cute. There are a couple of plot hints in the poster, and the skull's eyesockets are shaped like sunglasses, which reminds me of Keith Richards' off-kilter look and personality. I feel quite a bit of humor in this poster, which fits the tone of the movies.

    I love Orlando, but there is more to the Pirates movies than our Will Turner.


  2. Well, it took about an hour, but I was finally able to see most of the site. I understand why everyone's making such a fuss. :) Good job, Bryan!

    I could only hear one song too, though, zatarra. I tried to play others, but they were all choppy. <shrug> I think it's my dial-up. I'll just have to buy the soundtrack. Darn. :lol:

  3. Two favorites:

    1. In the desert, at the oasis, he's on his knees, slurping water, black hair falling all around his face, he hears the horse nickering and looks up. The glimpse we get of his eyes through that hair is just.primal. <gulp>

    2. At the end of his chat with the king in which the king tells him "perhaps when I am helpless, you will come and protect me," he smiles gently and softly, the light is golden, the angle of his face is perfect and the kindness shining out of his eyes makes me melt.

    Can't WAIT for the DVD.

  4. Good grief! How stupid am I that I missed the misspelled "KINDGDOM?" :doh: Too funny. Well, that explains why Best Buy didn't have it and I only found one copy at Circuit City.

    I love the soundtrack, BTW. It takes me back to the world of KOH. Minus the blood and guts, of course. :lol:

  5. As of today, I've seen it seven times. :ph34r:

    I feel like it's the one, concrete, meaningful thing I can do for Orlando to help and support him.

    I read an interesting snippet today at hollywoodreporter.com about box office receipts that I found encouraging. I don't have a subscription, so couldn't access the entire article, but, to paraphrase, the film may reach $175 million overseas. which is excellent news.

  6. My two cents:

    The professional critics who responded negatively to the film as well as Orlando's performance weren't paying attention. Before they even entered the theater, they had made up their minds about both. They did not see the film or Orlando with either open eyes or minds detached from his previous characters or Ridley's previous films.

    My first viewing of the film left me feeling a bit disappointed. At the second viewing, I made a concerted effort not to analyze the film, but embrace it and Balian and just experience it whole-heartedly without reservation. I enjoyed it immensely and so appreciate the subtlety Orlando brought to the character. Again, those people who charge him with only having one facial expression just aren't paying attention.

    I would have liked to see more scenes of Balian nurturing his little piece of land that is Ibelin. I think who Balian truly is was revealed in those minutes. Out of the entire movie, I'd say his time building Ibelin was the only time I saw him really "happy."

    I think Balian is too good for Sybilla, regardless of how she "redeems" herself at the end of the film. <shrug>

    I agree the music was wonderful, lovely, soaring, the perfect complement to the on-screen action.

    I wish I knew what happened to Balian and Sybilla. Did they just "ride off into the sunset" or did they live out their lives at Ibelin? Could they even return to Ibelin?

    On a fangirly note: I LOVE ORLANDO!!!!!!!! <deep breath> :)

    ETA: Favorite line from the movie: "All death is certain." (I love the irony)

    Least favorite line: "God wills it!"

  7. Thanks for the update, Jan!

    I love the glimpse Cameron gives us into the world of movie-making, but especially love the glimpse his journal gives us into his heart. Reading the journal makes the film a "personal" experience for everyone reading it, and can only serve to generate interest in the film, at least, and foster a real emotional attachment to the characters and their story, at best. The latter is true for me, at this point. I want to know what happens to Drew, Claire, his family, Mitch. I want to see the places described in the journal. I can already hear the cicadas and feel the humidity in the warm southern night air. I'm more than ready for the journey on which Cameron is going to take us. :2thumbs:

  8. Thanks for all the genetic info, Jan, francophile & scotsirishgirl. Both my folks had dark brown, almost black eyes with dark brown hair, and I ended up with green eyes & reddish hair. I'm recessive. Go figure. :lmao:

    I have been able to find a couple of photos of Stellan online where he looks a bit younger, with darker hair & less pudgy, and if I squint, he can pass for an older Will. :lmao: If Bootstrap's resemblance to Will hadn't been written into the script, I wouldn't care who they cast as Bootstrap. Well, I'd care.

    I'm curious to see what the ultimate physical appearance of Bootstrap will be and am counting on Gore, Jerry, Ted & Terry, et al, to respect the original script & the intelligence of the audience & present us with a Bootstrap that bears a strong resemblance to Will. I hate when filmmakers underestimate their audience. :wink:

  9. Hm, well, I'm not familiar with Mr. Skarsgard's work, and what few photos I could find online did not remotely remind me of Orlando, as he looks now. Maybe 50 pounds and 30 years from now, which is perhaps the look they're going for. Hm.

    The blue eyes bother me the most, but I suppose it's possible, genetically speaking, for a brown-eyed person to have a blue-eyed father. It would be nice if they used dark contact lenses on Mr. Skargard for the role, though, IMO.

  10. They should hire Ka-Bloomies to screen all their artwork before going public with it. We'd set 'em straight. :)

    Sure, the poster doesn't showcase Orlando's beauty, but this isn't that type of movie, so maybe the point is to show Orlando as less of a "pretty boy" and more of a "manly man" to get the male butts in the theater seats. They (the studio/marketing people) have to find a way to boost the movie's appeal in the eyes of the typical - stereotypical, that is - male demographic somehow, since it seems Orlando doesn't have a great appeal to most of the male viewing audience.

    But hey, what do I know? I'll take Orlando any way I can get him. :wink:

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