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  1. All of these posters are amazing. The French posters especially, are gorgeous beyond words - all of them. This Legolas poster leaves me breathless. Tolkien would be proud.

    I'm growing quite fond of Bard. The more we see of him the more I like the casting choice. Absolutely adore Thranduil and that throne of his shown in the bottom right hand corner of one of the Elf posters is truly bad-ass! They should name that poster, 'Beware of Wood-elves'.

  2. I haven't been in here for days, do to real life issues, what else. I'm excited to know when tickets for 'The Hobbit' go on sale November 7th. Now I can quit bugging my local theater. I still need to find out if there's a theater near me that will be showing it at 48 fps.

    As for Legolas in the 2nd film, I'm still not buying it. At least not in the context that this Legos set indicates. Maybe they might appear in the first film for some other reason, more in a 'this is what is going on in Mirkwood at this time' kind of thing. I do like the 2 hour 44 minute run time, however.

  3. I do like the costume they are showing on Legolas.

    Any chance of getting those calendar pictures enlarged?

    As for the question of which movie(s) Legolas will appear in. When there were only going to be 2 films I was pretty convinced that Legolas would appear in both since it appeared that 'Barrels Out of Bounds' was going to be the cutting off point for film one. However, now that there are going to be 3 films and it appears that the first film will end before Bilbo and Company ever make it into Mirkwood, I feel that Legolas will be seen only in films 2 & 3. Unless, of course, 1)I'm wrong about the cut off point of film one and certainly I've been wrong many times about many things. 2)PJ cuts away to Elves fighting giant spiders and other creep things. Also a posibility.

    I personally am waiting for Legolas and the 'Battle of Five Armies'!

  4. As many of you may know, Saturday September 22nd is the date of both Bilbo and Frodo's birthdays. This week will also be the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the publication of 'The Hobbit'. So this week has been designated 'Tolkien Week'. According to PJ's FaceBook page he has some surprises of his own to contribute to the festivities. For one the 'New' Trailer for 'The Hobbit' is debuting on September 19th. Below is a link to the video on PJ's Facebook page. I do not believe you need a facebook account to see it.

    Tolkien Week Surprises

    New Trailer! Hooray! I can't wait to see what else PJ has in store for fans!

  5. I have an issue with his crown - at first glance it reminded me of a cross between a tower guard and a nazgul. Not what I was expecting at all.

    Neither am I, Jill. I really had hoped that they would just have a crown of woven fall branches and berries. I so wanted them to get this part right. Thranduil was an elf of the wood as much as his people were and far more earthy then showy. Nevertheless, I'm sure he had his moments of royal display and I am hoping that what he is wearing is for that purpose or at the very least his partying attire. As Raven pointed out it does closely resemble the robe that Legolas wears in his last scenes in 'The Return of the King'.

    I agree Tahiri. Thranduil was no one to mess with. He was fierce in protecting his people.

  6. I was very excited when I saw that TORn had a reveal of Thranduil. I know that everybody here on the board has been dying for just a glimpse of 'the' Elf, Legolas of course and so have I. However, THIS is the guy I've been wanting to see. I have very definite ideas about Thranduil. I'm not sure about the costume, perhaps seeing it in the context of the film will help. The book said that Thranduil wore a crown of autumn leaves and they have sort of gotten that right though they tuck them into a silver circlet. However, I like the hair and the blue eyes and the stare. I've always had this idea of Thranduil having a very piercing gaze. I also like the description of him and of his people. So right now I'm 50/50. I think Lee Pace will play the character to the hilt so I'm looking forward to his portrayal and I'm sure that will help me overcome my reservations over the costume. A good portrayal can nullify a lot of other shortcomings. I'm hoping this is perhaps Thranduil's royal apparel and not necessarily his fighting attire. After all the wood Elves were known for their woodcraft and the ability to blend into their surroundings.

  7. A third movie!!!!! Unbelievable. I can't wait to see how this all unfolds. I'd love to have more Aragorn.

    Thanks for all the news and comments and links to all who contributed.

    137 is the magic # today.



    In the ring voice.."Aaaaarrrrragon".

    Just think if they had made each of the books in 'The Lord of the Rings' into 2 or 3 movies? We would have just finished them last year! Peter? How 'bout it? A million feet of film would make one heck of an extended-extended edition!

  8. And THRANDUIL! Sort of. I will admit without apology that the Elvenking is the character I'm most excited to see. He has always been a favorite. And he's Legolas' ada.

    I am thinking that if that beautiful Hobbit banner-poster is any indication then 'There and Back Again' will end with the 'barrels out of bond' scene. In which case we will be seeing Legolas, Thranduil, the other silvan elves and Thranduil's legendary carven halls in the first movie.


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