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  1. I didn't even know there was a DC to come out, how is that? :doh: I agree with Kyle, I don't expect much than some elements to make it more coherent. Besides, I don't think there would be anything different than the theatrical version. And Brad Pitt dominating the cover is not surprising unfortantely. Because in some aspects, it's like the whole movie planned for him to show off. It's not that I say he is a bad actor or anything, it's just well, Akhileus is not a very defendable hero cult in my opinion. Esp. compared to Hector. And making the Akhileus character look stronger in those aspects just takes the attention to him in a negative way. He thinks/talks like a philosopher, fights with a power beyond human like a killing machine, he is not scared of anything, makes love like a erm. loving machine? And all these "qualities" are poking our eyes during the whole movie. So for me there are so many unbalanced points before the discussion of "Where is the diety family?" Though I hated that they weren't involved. But I guess I like it more now than I first I saw it.

    My mother told me that she read something like that in a Turkish magazine: "Female audience that went to see the 'Interview with the Vampire' years ago to watch Tom Cruise, got out from the theatre hooked on with Brad Pitt. Now they went to the theatre to watch Pitt and got out with Eric Bana." It makes sense to me actually. :lol:

    And I wish people would pay some credit to our Paris.


  2. Jan, thanks for the beautiful pics and the caption. :lol: I am so proud of him. I wish I could have the chance to see the play. Sam looks so cute wrestling with Sidi.

    He looks somewhat differently mature and fresh but I agree he looks tired too. How can he look more mature but younger at the same time. :blink: There is a different aura around him in the pics. He surely looks enjoying his time. Though I don't particulary like mustach, I found it strangely suited his face.

    Congrats Mr. Bloom!


  3. **********Spoilers within************

    I have seen it only once, yet. This is a real pirate movie. It is FANTASTIC! I never expected it to be this dark and untraditional, and I have to say this is the best of the trilogy. During the making process, I didn't follow anything about the movie, haven't even seen a picture or any bit of spoilers, and yet movie carries the relations of people, curses and its main subject of a pirate meets a pirate end in the best way. There was a net of events started in the first movie. And it got complicated and characters developed in its own frame ending in the best way.

    In my opinion this movie has the quality of being a kind of breakthrough for Disney. Because it is 'not' a Disney movie and changed the meaning of pirate movies. You could read events and characters and their reactions from so many angles. Will's death and him ending as the captain of the Flying Dutchman was one of the best bids of the movie. And I hope they won't make a 4th one just to resolve it, to make the Turner family whole. That would kill everything about this pirate movie.

    I don't think there was anything needed to be resolved between Will and Jack. What Elizabeth wanted and saw in Sparrow was freedom as in a pirate sense. Not the Jack Sparrow himself, though that would've course be luring as he is the best pirate. And the character Jack Sparrow would never jeopardise his love of horizon for a woman. So I believe there actually never was a love triangle. I also believe the freedom issue is handled by lots of different accepts in the movie. Love and absolute freedom and its costs, independence in many aspects and rebellion for it. Elizabeth made a choice. Love and freedom are clashing things, they don't stand together. Love lives on sacrifice. Personally, I can't think of anything more valuable than freedom myself, and well, I am not in love.

    From a rough angle, the whole movie represents the era of the "state" being the state; coming to the control of rebellion. Like a fairytale told in some point close to building the order. Movie does this by brilliantly blending fantasy elements, personal desires, action, love affairs, politics and comedy. What I am trying to say is, this started with the first movie and became very clear in the third one. For example in the first movie, when Will delivered the sword to the governor, he actually thanks Will's master. But in the end Norrington makes sure that he knows who made the sword. This carries a little bit of our time's understanding of the power. (Allegorically) In the second, Beckett tries to gain power by offering a pardon to an infamous pirate while about to execute other two for helping him. Also Beckett knows about every dirty details about what's going on, all the artifacts of power and value. He never does anything honest or humaine. It's the state, he represents government and so he does anything for power. Especially by using the criminals; pirates. I don't say the movie tells this. It's just so naturally matches with reality in some dimension, and I love it. He only doesn't know, nor cares about the legend of Calypso, the other mythical world. What belongs to the old world of myths, pirates; the old order, who believed and cherished them, lived according to the codes made based on them so long before there was an order of things. Beckett is belonged to our world a bit.

    And Calypso becoming huge after unleashed was cool, too. Her horrible inhuman voice was really good. She bodies the ancient fears of sea in a mythological way. Female, ocean, goddess = source of life, continuity. The reason and the result of it. The doom and the fortune. What men want and kill for, die for to have. Pirate or not. Life is female. "Different versions, but all are true".

    About Elizabeth being loud and able, was so acceptable to me, after all she is the only pirate with the lowest possibilty of betraying to the quest just for the settling any goals or her own desires. (I never say she certainly wouldn't but well best of them, of course after Will, but, well he is first a man then a pirate. So at this point as he was raised in 'civilisation' out of piracy, again, a send back to the worth of civilisation) Besides, I loved that they put a female character in power other than a hidden way.

    Only thing alarming about the movie for me is the violant scenes exposed to children. Esp. a child being hanged at the begining. I don't know the rating of the movie, but it was 13+ in my opinion. Though I don't have any kids and that I grew up with extreme horror and violent action movies, I think they shouldn't be exposed to straight violance especially in a movie full of with charaters they love. I am sure everyone will love this movie in this way or that and that legitimates the violance for the other kind of movies coming out. Because movie bussines is about to 'top' the previous one and well this movie really pulled the bar up in many cases.

    I want to see it over and over again. I will add any of my opinions. I congratulate the whole crew who was involved with this movie, from bottom to top for their performances. :clap:


  4. <Clicks and rolls down with eyes closed>

    :( I couldn't make it on friday; every where is packed! DMC wasn't this way crazy. So I stalled a bit and I don't know, if I could find any tickets soon in this week. I am sensing I will get very sick suddenly on one the week days. :rolleyes: Hope everyone enjoyed it fully !


  5. Think about a virtual reality version of the Middle Earth as the way Pete created it. The Lord of the Rings, while there is nothing more stronger than your own imagination to make it real, the movie is happening around you to witness. An actual one to be created for us to go 'in' and feel 'it' there. :cry:

    :faint: Phew. Ok, I am not sure if it would be good for me. I mean, are they going to found a rehabilitation center along with that. Because 'it' comes to me even by listening the soundtrack. And forget about having Legolas literally around. Gulp. Mines of Moria, Mirkwood, Helmsdeep.etc.

    Well, it's a good thing if it would be something like Jane said. You know, old kind of technology, the glasses. :lol:

    Thanks for the info, Liz.

  6. You know what I loved about Elizabeth's little tantrum on the beach? She threw just like a girl! Her aim was so off, just like mine would be. Every shell she threw veered off to the left and the guys were in front of her! :lmao:


    Whoa to that ! :) Every shell she threw? I just couldn't believe you laughed to that and name that 'shells'. I really don't know what are they.

    In Türkiye that scene is probably the most laughed one. Because of something I will try and probably fail to explain to you. In short, this is suppossed to be the certain reaction of a Türk when she/he is absolutely furious and that she/he didn't find any way to get back; that she/he wouldn't recognise anyone indeed, but throw the 'stones' where ever it has to go. :lmao: Ok, that translates as; " Daş yok mu daş !?"

    So it was really funny for us, coincidently. But it has to be stones. Stones. That's important. :lmao:

    Edit: You're welcome for the translation, Christine.

  7. There is something about the map that we see being painted in Beckett's office. There are at least two close ups. I'm wondering if there is a clue on the map of some kind.

    I agree but the camera never stops long enough to get a really good look. My only thought is that perhaps the map is moving closer and closer to the "ends of the earth" so we get a clue as to where the action will take place next? (does that make any sense?)

    I think, the camera shows the wall map closely to just to support that the world is 'shrunk'. So, to support a begining for the plot; to give a start to Will's journey. For reasoning why Jack's going to have a full pardon, because he is 'a dying breed'. Need of controlling the ports out of the collonies. And that, now, the old rules are out. Also to emphasize the fact that Jack wouldn't take that course -from Will's mouth- as to put another brick to his character. Well, you never know. There isn't any matching prize for freedom, is there? :)

    Edit: I forgot to add. I have only seen the movie 3 times in the first 2 days. I don't exactly remember the Turkish lines. They are fighting for the hat, because somehow they know it's a Captain's hat. The second man wearing it says: "Bak, Kaptan gibin oldum" = I can't translate it accurately but it means, "Look I did becomes Kaptan alike" or something like that. The others are mostly: "Gives it to me, no, yes." they fight over it, then when they hear a noise they try to get rid of it. And one says "İstemiyorum, sen al, hayır sen al"= I don't wants it, you takes it, no you do." That covers it. I promise, I will pay attention next time and try to give you the conversation. :)

  8. Spanky, I liked your review, though I enjoyed every minute of the movie including the dark and the silly bits.

    Overwhelmed by too much time devoted to noisy special effects action, yet under whelmed by the dialogue. Or, shall I say, lack of dialogue.

    There is no brandnew action in the first, nor in the second movie. We all knew the first story, the old kraken from lots of other old stories. Also, it's an artifact centered fantasy fiction like the millions of others because, it's always safe to do that if you're a dealing with an unstable plot.

    In the first movie, we didn't know that one of the actors has managed to carry a very known historical character; 'pirate' to a new level. It was a Disney movie, the theme was known. What could you make of an already known theme more, especially when you have a new gem in your hand? You write witty, character bounding script. You do that even you didn't have the gem, because what Holywood lacks lately and desires to have is more, brief, witty, funny script. If Depp didn't create something special for that character, the movie would be a huge success anyway. Well, not in this phenomenal sense.

    So after Capt. Jack Sparrow has been introduced, the movie has already taken another path, another kind of attention. He looked unique; always true and benign at the end, innocent, honest, odd, interesting, but yet he is a thief, a liar, a manipulator, a killer; he is a pirate! Pirates are villans. Villans are dark.

    Now, the old fashioned ways to make a movie -like the ones done when we were 13 as the rating is- are based on showing any kind of villan in one way. Their paths could be easy or hard going, but straight and simple. So they could be converted into any kind of moral versions without leaving any doubts. They are not complicated, not layered.

    But Capt. Jack Sparrow is not like that. He is an ADULT character. He always has been. They have already introduced him. We know how he looks, talks, walks, reacts. Also the other characters. How are you going to keep up the attention by a dialogue dominated scenerio? I bet, if the second movie was based on more dialogue, less twisted plot and action, it wouldn't be that entertaining and good. First of all, it wouldn't be a sequel, may be 'a second version' of the first one.

    You love Will's character more - Orlando's brilliant performance and the character's ideal qualities aside-because, there are more space to move and develop for Will Turner.

    The plot and the events are woven by silly, funny and understandable bits enough for a 10 year old;

    Sure, the wheel scene looked impressive, but did it need to continue on and on until you didn’t care anymore?
    but also with dark and complicated emotions;
    Light comic touches abounded, yet he acted masterful when needed. Commanding. Angry. He found his character and completely bonded with him.
    They kept stealing the sheets and left the audience cold.
    enough to make a fantasy fiction fan adult sit down and watch for more than one time.

    In my opinion, two different sides of the movie are brilliantly planned and calculated. And the 2006 BC is a perfect time and Disney is a perfect place to do it. This movie has a genre of its own and could be considered as an attempt of a little revolution. Is it going to be successful or not? I have no idea. We need to see a dozens of movies in the same aspect to decide that.

    Again in my opinion, Jerry Bruckheimer is a marketing genius. May be, you've already discussed that. A brilliant menu maker. The tv series, movies. They are like a one huge, rich and expensive menu. He knows and sees what would American people with different standarts want to watch. And what would get exported, what would not.

    I am not claiming POTC DMC is certainly a kind of menu, but it's designed to take attention from a very varied audience. So, this is the outcome. In this sense, I guess, they nailed what they aimed for.

  9. PS I forgot to add in my fisrt post. The pirates, fishing Jack's hat -the first ship swallowed by the Kraken - were speaking in Turkish. It was surprising for me, but oh well, I didn't know anything about the movie before hand.

    That's an example of one of the little things that I like about the POTC series, it's so diverse in so many ways :2thumbs: Not afraid to include characters with different accents, nationalities, languages, etc.

    You're right Cariad. It's a British story after all. The funny thing is, it's not proper Turkish. It's pirate kind of language and difficult to understand, but funny !

    About the the second item Jack stole. I couldn't see it again this seeing today. I don't remember when they showed the thing which has the same face with Davy Jones' music box. It was called pendant before I guess. Could that be it? I mean, I thought it make sense as there is a connection. But it was on another table I guess. Well, I am watching a certain pirate too much, again.

    Edit: May be they are actually one thing as a whole. It looks as bit unwhole in the scene Will stealing the key.

    Edit2: "I love it when a movie generates this much discussion. I’m glad things were left vague so we have something to think about over the next year. "- Karen1138

    This is exactly what I feel. Nicely put.

  10. One more thing, just my theory. When Jack, Norrington and Elizabeth are searching for the chest and the compass seems to point to Jack, it's my belief it was really pointing to Will. The Flying Ductchman had just dropped anchor with Will aboard, and he came walking up to them later over the very spot where Jack had been standing. She of course didn't know this, which accounts for her confusion.

    serendipity, it makes sense to me, you might be right. But isn't that a way too subtle hint for a Disney movie? Ok, it's not very difficult link to guess, but it stands on a crucial point in the scenerio. And I also think you are right about looking at this way. There are some kind of emotions and reactions showed by the main characters that is too complicated for a Disney movie.

    Elizabeth being attracted to Jack. Is she attracted to him, because she really believes that the compass shows what she wanted the most? So she is confused by some coincidences during the adventure. Or is she really attracted to Jack because she is a "Pirate" and beyond Jack being a pirate, is she attracted to Freedom as well? May be she is not really attracted to anyone. She just wants to be a pirate ! Pirate=Jack Sparrow=Black Pearl=Freedom :lol:

    I mean, there are so many adults cherishing this movie and it is also unique in many ways. I still believe that they will succesfully get away with anything in the scenerio, but the whole love triangle looks like a tighten knot which is exactly not tighten nor a knot to me. If it is, there is only one way out. Will is going to die. May be you discussed about it, I haven't read. I don't see Jack dying again, becsuse that wouldn't make sense. There will be a whole final sequel for rescuing him, so I don't see him dead at the end. I don't think they will let Will die -again because, "it's a Disney movie" - but again they have done lots of things disagreeing the frame.

    About the symbolism of the wedding dress. I have thought pretty the same as everyone, but may be it meant that there isn't a wedding in this movie in the end only. Whatever is it in the end I don't see the outcoming couple settling down and raising kids in a peaceful life. :lol:

    May be Will is the next Davy Jones.

    I only confuse myself. My compass is not pointing out anything clear.

    I am going to see it again today. :cheer:

    PS I forgot to add in my fisrt post. The pirates, fishing Jack's hat -the first ship swallowed by the Kraken - were speaking in Turkish. It was surprising for me, but oh well, I didn't know anything about the movie before hand.

  11. With IM's words, I loved it to death ! It's :censor: fantastic! It exceeded my expectations with killing flying colours, and this time I had fully managed to avoid every kind of spoliers to a 100 % before seeing it. Everything was new for me and a total freaking joy!

    I loved your reviews very much, you have said everything that I would love to. :hug:

    It came to Türkiye at 14th. I have only seen it twice. One at evening, one at the day time. SOLD OUT ! Adults are filling the theatres, the best thing.

    Generally, they blended the known kind of actions with a very detailed and wise plot -I didn't catch anything they can't get away with - in an adult friendly crazy entertainment. :notworthy: Scripts is wonderful.

    Personally I love&prefer those kind of unorthodox endings and twists in the plots -no matter who dies or suffers to what end- I don't expect Elizabeth ending up with Capt. Jack Sparrow. (Just a guess, hope I am wrong. )

    I am going to see it a several times in big screen !

    Congrats and thanks to you Mr. Bloom and to all the cast !

    Oh and another one here ! "Stripped and whipped ! " :faint:

  12. The good-natured actor, who's currently dating "Superman Returns" actress Kate Bosworth, isn't complaining though. Such sacrifices have won him legions of fans, mainly teenage girls, including the ones who get a little rowdy with their affection.

    "Bring 'em on," he says. "Fight them off? Don't be crazy. What do I look like?"

    Honestly? I am getting a tad tired of the "especially the teenage girl variety" comments about fans who love Orlando. These journos just don't pay attention, obviously. I've watched reporters and journalists all over creation go ga-ga and giggly with this guy. It's universal, stupid! :lol:


    :lol:Oh, I am a complete teenage girl when it comes to him, though. :blush: May be they want to see it that way. I mean, how many guys out there who could do that to thousands of mature women? :lol:

  13. Thank you so much for the link HeySailor. I enjoyed the conference clips very much. I have decided, from the begining, not to read or watch anything about the movie to spoil it. The movie arrives Türkiye at 14th. I've managed good so far. I think we also have the other clips in the board. But I couldn't help clicking the "Hide the Rum". :lol:

  14. This sounds good. This sounds really good. I don't know much about the depression era either. Just the movies. Of course I am no expert but, casting the couple in a movie like this sounds pretty clever thing to do. (So much more clever than casting them in to a romantic comedy! ) I would watch it even Orlando wasn't in it though. I am looking forward to see this happen. :)

    Thanks for the info, Jan.

  15. :O They never mentioned him ONCE! What is this? So now Orlando isn't fashionable anymore? Are they deliberately leaving him out or was he just not available to comment at the time? Actually calling Johnny and Keira "the two stars of the movie" instead of something like "two of the stars of the movie" seems like such a snub.

    :rant: Sorry, but that clip made me really really angry. And hurt. :(

    I don't think that is the case, LenaLove. In my personal opinion, he is too obvious a star of the movie, to be treated that way, even if they don't like him. And it's not up to their choice. Anything is possible. May be his schedule didn't suit them or this and that. In big block busters this happens. Slice it up as more as possible so you could have more parts to eat. This movie is the biggest movie of the summer. There are lots of things going on about it. And this is just a piece. You know, it could even be something like; "let's do something different this time." Well, I haven't seen the show. May be, they are securing themselves with going with the Oscar nominated actors in the movie. :rolleyes: Don't think, "huh!" there's always been a mentality like that in general. You got to laugh at that, but, oh well, who cares. Give them some time.

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