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  1. I'm a little late to this party because of final exams but I must say that he couldn't be more lovely. It just isn't possible. Will there ever be a time when I can look at him and see that smile and charm and not be awash with fangirl love? No. I don't think so. Many thanks to all who brought this loveliness. My nursing school addled brain- and my fan girl heart- are most grateful.

  2. Recalling the birth of my own son, one of the happiest days of my life, I can really identify with and celebrate the happiness Miranda and Orlando are feeling. So many new joys are ahead, and that only makes each day sweeter. It is truly a joy to know such a gift is now theirs.

  3. Wishing a wonderful birthday to a fantastic guy who has made such a difference for so many. I know he's had such a monumental week already, having welcomed his baby son into the world, so this birthday will just be icing on the cake. Many more celebrations await, I'm sure. Much love and blessings to him, always.



  4. Having known the amazing happiness it is to love someone, to marry and live a happy life, I wish nothing but success for Orlando all the days of his life, including marriage. My prayers are that he never knows the heartbreak of that happiness ever ending, and that he may also know the amazing joys of fatherhood. It seems that with the courtship being long enough to iron out any incompatibilities, and certainly long enough to test the strains of celebrity for each of them and the affect on the relationship, this is timely and appropriate. In fact, anything less would have tested my faith and belief in his character... So, it is with all of my heart that I wish them happiness and a long fruitful life together in health and prosperity.

    Thanks for putting up this thread, Jan. I know it's not easy to let "our boy" go. After all, it seems as though we've helped to raise him! :lol: I know we all will remain steadfast fans and regard Orlando's success in life –and his happiness– above all else... as ever.

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