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  1. I'll keep it short and sweet. Loved it, want to see it again. Absolutely NO WAY I'd let a child under 10 see it. Apart from the violence (I'm sure I remember seeing blood), if the story can confuse us, how would a child understand? And the running time. There were a few young uns' in our audience and they were up and down the aisle to the toilet more times than I care to remember. And I can't believe how many people left as soon as the credits started. You'd think if they had watched the previous two properly, they would know to stay till the end. Plus it's just good manners. Those people helped make the movie you've just enjoyed, they deserve a little credit and respect. But that's just me.

  2. I really can't add much more than BB :lol: . I think we were watching it at the same time (10:30am BB?) just in different parts of the country!

    I loved that it got straight into it.

    The make up and special effects were brilliant.

    I loved the ending. As with JediJill I tried not to read to much about it, I did look at the pictures though :whistle: , but I didn't want to know anything of the actual story.

    I agree I wouldn't take small children as the make up is so realistic, and the story a bit more involved than the first one.

    It is long, but I didn't find any of it boring.

    I agree with Gonedeaf, I enjoyed this more than the first one and intend seeing it again.

    I can't WAIT until July 2007!!

    So when does it come onto DVD??

  3. For all the Aussies, our release date is 9th Feb :yahoo: .

    It can be pre-ordered at EzyDVD. And I'm sure all the other usual outlets :wink: .

    Has anyone else noticed how many people are having birthdays around this time :oh: ?? There must not be much on the telly in hmm May?

  4. Sally, I say thank you 1,000 times for the beautiful gift.

    Also a big thanks to Lori and Faye for your coordination this year. 

    Now I'm off to hide the Tim Tams!

    You are more than welcome Freshness :hug: . I'm glad you like it, and relieved it arrived before Christmas.

    And I'd like to echo your sentiments with a huge thank you to Lori and Faye, this is so much fun, now I'm looking forward to next year :tomato: .

  5. :cheer: WOW! I must've known something! A knock just came to the door and two parcels arrived :yahoo: . One was a package I'd been anxiously waiting for (I'd ordered LED belt buckles for my nieces & nephews for Christmas) the other was from.Chickadee!!! I love you!!!!!!

    Inside my parcel was a note pad with my inital on it, a lovely necklace (I'm wearing it now) some interesting button covers (hmm haven't seen those before), some lovely post cards from St Louis, a couple of Orlando photos :wub: a KoHn keyring :w00t: AND the copy of Entertainment weekly with Orlando and Kirsten Dunst on the cover!! :samooch: Thank you so much Chickadee, I love each and every item :hug: . And I had a giggle at the card too.

    Now I just have to wait for my package to arrive at it's destination.

  6. Oh this was so much fun last year! Thank you for doing it again Twinks :hug: , and welcome aboard CaliMom :hug: .

    Okay my dear Secret Santa:

    Any allergies you may have


    Your favorite color

    I like all colours.

    Your t-shirt size

    Large or X -large if it's a bit 'iffy'.

    Is there something you collect

    Not really, I do like fridge magnets though.

    Any preferences as to what you might like to receive

    Postcards, calendars from where you are from, lip balm, hair ties/clips, chocolate, I love nuts (any kind) (get your mind out of the gutter!), I need a new address book (one with Orlando on it would be nice).

    Any preferences as to what you definitely do not want to receive

    Can't think of a thing, except maybe some rare tropical disease :rolleyes: .

    I already have a DYC :wink: .

  7. Thanks Miss_L :hug: .

    How about something like this:

    "The best journey of my life so far was when I discovered Orlando Blooms. Ohmigawd he is just like soooo hot. He's just so ACE."

    There you go! 25 'words'. Notice how I managed to mangle three words into one! I'm just sooo brilliant! And note the extra letter on Bloom (yes I've heard people say it with the s :rolleyes: ).

  8. Hmm actually I have a question which may seem very obvious, however I'll ask anyway (hey there's always one :dunce: and I'm sorry if it's already been mentioned) will this competition be open only to kaBloom members? Will registrations be closed for a while? I've noticed a lot of 'guests' lately, not that there's anything wrong with that, we were all 'guests' here at one time plucking up the courage to actually join, come out of the closet as it were. Just asking.

  9. Hi everyone!

    Well, I was watching the news this morning (Sunrise, channel 7), and they had on a guest who was talking about the Kelly Gang, and the fact that today is the 125th anniversary of the Kelly Gang stand off.

    He also went on to tell of how one of our folklore legends can be put to rest one way or the other.

    It is claimed that Dan Kelly and Steve Hart actually escaped the fire, assumed new identities and lived long lives. Now with modern technology and DNA testing, this can be confirmed. And he has called for the body of the gent claiming to be Dan, living in Queensland to be exhumed.

    Now I must admit, I wasn't a fan of the movie (quite a bit was fabricated) and my feelings towards Ned Kelly are mixed (Cop Killer or victim of circumstance?), however I thought that some of you may find this interesting.

  10. Naysayers, prepare yourselves to eat some major crows in October. 

    :lol: . That was quite punny.

    Yes I agree with you MI, the older you get, the faster the time goes, so October will be here before we know it.

    I can't wait for the Elizabethtown experience, with all the snippets here and there, posters, interviews and pictures!! The building excitement to the explosive Blooming crescendo!

    I'll shut up now :paperbag: .

    Yay October :cheer: !

    (If you want to avoid being  :sick:  don't go near the really long thread.)


  11. Lovely pics, thanks Jan & Jas. I so love the one of him sitting on the hill side. That was my favourite scene (well apart from the obvious shirtless one).

    I realise that artists have to protect their work, but that watermark is ridiculous, and the name to me sounds like some kind of flesh eating disease.

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