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  1. :blink: I don't think so.

    I agree with you, aliza. Totally!


    I don't understand why you're upset. This man is actually praising him! Maybe not in a way we would like to, but come on, we've seen our share of bad reviews and it's nice to see that there are critics out there who actually like him. I personally think Orlando is a very good actor, as we all do here on the board I presume, and after having heard and read a lot of bad criticism (on both him and his films) I am very pleased to read a review like this!

    And it's true, eventhough I really love KOH when I first saw it in the theatre, the EE version is so much better. And it makes me angry that the movie would have done so much better if they hadn't cut so many important scenes. I have a feeling that if it had been shown as it should have, Orlando's performance would have been received better as well.

  2. I actually almost booked tickets for that yesterday! But to be honest, I don't think I'd be able to stay up all night. Plus, I've been spending so much money this past week in London, that I just have to control myself.

    If I'm not mistaken, they are playing Return of the King the rest of the week - that's just three hours, not the whole night.

  3. Okay so no filming in London for sure. bummer! :(

    But I'm very curious to what this new movie will bring. At least he has the lead in this one! :teehee:

    Once again, I'm gonna try to stay spoiler-free for this one. So I'm not renting the original movie, although I'm already aching to see it. :paperbag:

  4. So he won't be in London for filming..? :blow: And I was planning on taking a trip to the Café De Paris later this month.

    And A KUNG FU MOVIE???? You've got to be kidding me right! Though the plot of the original film seems very interesting, I'm having doubts about a Crouching Tigers-version of it. But. I'm very open-minded, so I'll just wait and see!

    As long as we can see Orlando everything's okay, right?

  5. :yahoo:

    Oh I'm so happy he's signed for a new project! It's seems like an eternity since we've last seen him in a film. I'm a liiiiittle disappointed that he's not going to be the lead man (a.k.a. The Playboy, man I would've loved to see him play a role like that) but I'm glad he's going to be in it.

    Oh and Rosamund Pike? L.O.V.E. her!


  6. I just got the Director's Cut today and I'm gonna watch the whole thing completely this weekend, but I already fastforwarded to a few of the much anticipated Paris scenes. It's been quite some time since I saw this movie for the last time, and I had kind of forgotten how sad I though Orlando's character actually was. Watching the fight with Menelaus again, I actually got tears in my eyes. I know most people cringe at Paris' supposed cowardness in this scene, but I don't think he's a coward at all. He's just not a hero. Far from it. And maybe it's because people expect to see only heroes in these kinds of movies/stories, that's why Orlando's performance got some bad criticism. I'm not telling it's his best performance - you must admit, he has grown and improved so much - but I think he's a perfect Paris. A lover, not a fighter. But that doesn't mean he was a coward. He just didn't want to die. Frankly, I think a lot of men would have done the same thing.

    And I wish there had been some way to explain why that arrow to Achilles' heel was the fatal wound . in the old tales, that was the one place that wasn't touched by the "magic" of the water when his mother, knowing he would become a warrior, dipped her baby boy child in the river to make him invulnerable to injury and protect him. She held him by his heel and that remained the one spot on his body where he could still be harmed. It's a neat twist to Achilles' tale, but there was no way to get it into this film, so anyone who wasn't familiar with it lost the point of the dramatically-played heel wound.

    I'm sorry :hug:, but I have to disagree with you here. It was pure symbolism what they did here. The one thing that is most known about Achilles, is the fact that he was shot in his heel and died because of it. If you know the name Achilles, you know that. Granted, they left out the Gods, something that might seem odd, considering that they are the driving power of this whole story, but there was no way they could've left out the heel. I think they did a brilliant thing here, with the dramatic music and all. And even if they didn't explain WHY that was his fatal spot, I don't think it matters. It's never said in the movie that Achilles was literally invincible, is it? So the heel-thing was just symbolic. A little something to make the audience go "ahhh, there it is!" And I think that worked, because I reacted that way. :wink:


    I just finished watching, and I can't say I'm all that impressed. I liked Troy before, but I don't think this version makes it "better". I'm grateful for the extra scenes that include Orlando (especially the elaborated love-scene at the beginning and the conversation between Paris and Hector afterwards) and a little more naked Brad Pitt didn't really hurt either ( :cooloff: ), but frankly I didn't really care for the gore they added to the battle scenes. I actually got kind of bored watching them. "Okay, there goes another limb." :rolleyes:

    I know that showing all the blood and stuff makes it more "real" somehow, but it just wasn't my cup of tea.

    Oh, and the women being raped and the babies being thrown off the walls - as Hector had said would happen - was just shocking! :O

    There's two things I'm really angry about, though. One: they cut out one of Orlando's scenes!!! :rant: Okay, it was kind of weird that Helen was taking care of his wound, but still, it showed the start of Paris' change into the man he is at the end of the movie. Really, I cannot believe they cut it out! And two: the soundtrack. I'm happy they used bits of Gabriel Yared's original music for the movie, plus parts of other movies as well (including Starship Troopers, according to the credits). I know a lot of you hated the wailing woman, but they shouldn't have cut her out completely. I think it gave an extra dimension to the soundtrack, something you don't hear that often. Personally, I think they overused the "Briseis and Achilles"-theme in this version. But the thing that bothers me most is that they completely changed the soundtrack for Achilles' death. I remember getting goosebumps and crying when I first saw that scene, with him lying on the ground and the dramatic music rising. It was perfect, especially for a movie like this, and they ruined it by replacing it with a piece of music that works well in other scenes but not in this one.

    And what happened to Josh Groban's song???? :rant:

    Don't get me wrong, I do love this movie. I just think that they made a few bad decisions in the Director's Cut.

  7. YOU took the beautiful pictures, YOU lined up the shots, with a crowd around you to boot, YOU didn't :faint: when The Pretty was that close to you.

    - Pam -

    The Pretty! Oh my goodness, cinemapersians. I have never heard him referred to like that before, but it is perfect! :lmao2: I love it!

    Your reaction is even funnier than the fact that we call him that! :lol:

  8. I went to the ceremony yesterday and it was absolutely wonderful. Harry Gregson-Williams was there too (remember Kingdom of Heaven?) and conducted the orchestra while they were playing some of his music.

    How exciting, Leia. Harry Gregson-Williams score for KoH is magical, one of my favorite soundtacks. I would loved to have heard him conduct.

    Hmm. I was disappointed that they actually DIDN'T play Kingdom of Heaven's soundtrack... Pity, because they showed clips of the movies where the music came from. They did Shrek 1,2 and 3, The Chronicles of Narnia, Seraphim Falls and Gone Baby Gone. So, no Orlando. :blow:

  9. Just popping in to say "At World's End" didn't win the public choice award, "The Fountain" did. :blow: The Fountain also won the award for best soundtrack of the year.

    I went to the ceremony yesterday and it was absolutely wonderful. Harry Gregson-Williams was there too (remember Kingdom of Heaven?) and conducted the orchestra while they were playing some of his music.

  10. Hey, that's the organization I gave a donation to for the "Orlando Birthday Project" !!! I'm a paying member now or - as they call it there - a "protecting" member. I'm happy he's doing something for them too. You know, I've always been interested in organizations that protect animals and the environment. Because they can't protect themselves from what humans do.

    Go Orlando! I'm so proud to be a fan of yours! :hug:

  11. Troy-DCutDVD-Cap421.jpg


    Oh my, that's not good! :fear: I cringe everytime I see that scene, it's just so painful.

    I wonder what Orlando is actually spitting out there.? :hmmm: Ketchup? A mixture of water and some red dye? Sorry, I've spend the first six months of this year writing a dissertation on special effects, so this really intrigues me! :paperbag:

    But thanks again, Jan, queen of screencap!porn! :hug:

  12. Oh dear God!! :giveup:

    I'd forgotten how gorgeous he looked in this movie, though maybe a bit skinny for my taste. Still, wow! I'm looking forward to seeing these new scenes. It's a bit sad that they cut out the bit where they're looking at eachother from across the table. If they wanted it to be about love and not lust, I don't think this scene really did much harm. :beatsme:

    By the way.. if I remember correctly from my Latin courses in high school... isn't there a version of Paris and Helen's story that says he never really loved her? That he got bored of her and abandoned her on an island somewhere, before they even reached Troy? I'm just sayin'....

    Thanks for screencapping this, Jan! You rock! :2thumbs:

  13. Thank you for this lovely review, FLC. Personally, I was feeling rather upset by everything that happened that night. Someone really could have gotten hurt, but luckily they didn't. It's nice to read something about the last performance, about the "good stuff". I really wish I could've been there, too, it must have been a magical night.

    It's nice to read about the flowers and the standing ovation and the fact that Orlando was obviously touched by it all. I feel a bit "empty" at the moment, though, knowing that it's over and that we won't see new pictures of him everyday. Boy, we've really been spoiled this summer! :lol:

    On to new things I guess.

    Congratulations to Orlando and the rest of the cast for bringing us such a wonderful play. And thank you Orlando for spending so much time with your fans (every single day, I still can't believe it.) for the past ten weeks. :clap:

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