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  1. Ask the Cast a Question Also at Starpulse
  2. Jules


    Orlando! You got an early birthday present with the wonderful arrival of your son! Enjoy the upcoming year with all of its special "firsts" - first , first steps, etc. All the best for a great day and wonderful year ahead. Jules
  3. Jules

    It's A Boy!

    A baby? I love babies! Drinks all around! Welcome, little one!
  4. Melty.fr I believe by photographer, Simon Annand. I haven't bothered to translate the article, which is in French. Anyone want to give it a try?
  5. Jules

    Fight For Your Right Revisited

    Thanks for the news, Rene!
  6. Jules

    Malaria No More PSA #2

    Thanks, Jill. Anti-dandruff shampoo?!
  7. Fotografo Jack Ristol If you visit the link, you can see the pictures larger.
  8. Scribing Nonsense
  9. Jules

    The Singular Life of Albert Nobbs

    Thanks for the updates, everyone!
  10. Orlando appears to be receiving the BAMBI Award for his charitable work for UNICEF. BAMBI Website I won't post the translation from Babel Fish because it's a bit of a shambles. It just seems to summarize his work with UNICEF and then indicate he will receive this prize. This page, I think, says the awards are on November 11th.