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  1. As I wrote on my input at PirateCon, I felt the trailer would grab the audience's attention and would entice them to see the movie.

    I thought I was the only one who couldn't hear the voiceover very well at the beginning, but that's one thing that could be worked on. I thought the video was very good. I kinda liked that it was fast-paced. Better to not give too much away. And yet it still gives enough to intrigue the audience.

    I'll definitely be seeing this movie when it comes out!


  2. Allie, I did try and look for something Hayden-ish or Lost-ish but there wasn't really anything. I guess I could've tried a bit harder though. :grinch: (I hope Candi doesn't read that part) :lol:

    I did try very hard to look for the Darth Potato though. :blush: I had been searching for one for Racefan too and found nothing. However, I am going to Toys-R-Us today so ya never know. :whistle:

    Luv ya, :heart:


    No problem, Cherie. What you gave me was perfect! Oh, and I love your card. How unique! And the box you packed it in was cool!

    I wear the scarf wherever I go and tell people that you made it. Everyone responds that it's absolutely beautiful. So, don't worry about not getting me anything Hayden or Lost related. :hug:


  3. I got my Secret Santa ka-Bloomie gift today! :yahoo: Perfect timing!

    I got a beautiful hand-made scarf, three burgundy candle holders, 5 differenct scented candles, M & M's, 2 boxes of Lindt chocolate, and a few candy canes from Cherrybomb!!

    Thank you so much, Cherie! I wore the scarf to church tonight and didn't want to take it off. I haven't sampled the chocolates yet, but rest assured, I will. And I can't figure out which candles I want to burn yet. The candle holders look beautiful sitting on my living room table!

    I want to thank Faye and Lori for putting this all together!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!!


  4. Well, I haven't gotten my gift from my Secret ka-Bloomie Santa yet, but I'm thinking it'll come some day soon. I was afraid that I wasn't getting it because I was at work and not able to answer the door if the mailman rang. (He only rings once here, not twice, as the movie states. :lol: ) But I was home today and he didn't ring at all! Maybe tomorrow.

    If not, I'll have something to look forward to after the holidays! :pressie:

    Candi :snowman:

  5. What's the link to the movie site? Is it different than Keep To The Code?

    Sorry I missed this before, Candi.

    The Disney site is the Official Site for the film(s), run by Disney and contains all official materials. (It's linked in the first post. :wink: )

    Keep To The Code is the Official Fan Site for the films - meaning Disney endorses it, but they don't run it. A good example of the difference: The message board - upon which someone posted those leaked production photos that weren't yet officially released by Disney.

    That's okay, Jan. Thanks for the info! I've added it to my favorite's list already. :shiny:

    Candi :snowman:

  6. That's a Wrap For Film Production in The Bahamas

    Disney production crew robbed four times while filming, will never film in The Bahamas again.

    Real life pirates have stolen around $20,000 worth of equipment and checks from the production team filming the second and third parts of the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy in The Bahamas.

    Jemini Seven Entertainment CEO Jason Kakebeen said the crews were robbed four times over a one-month period while on location in Grand Bahama.

    "We've had a slew of robberies on the actors who are currently working for Pirates of the Caribbean over at the Port Lucaya Resort," he said. "They were able to get into the room with a key and stole everything from laptops, passports, checks and other equipment. The money they stole was actually the actors' pay checks".

    Mr Kakebeen stressed the robberies didn't happen at one hotel but said it will be the last time his company filmed in The Bahamas. He added that when the latest robbery happened on November 11 at the Port Lucaya Resort, top movie companies decided to pull the plug from any future investments in the island. "This may affect the fact that Walt Disney will never do business at Freeport Island again, as well as Sony and Warner Bros," he said. "I know that these companies bring the island a lot of money.'

    A spokesperson at Port Lucaya Resort confirmed there was a robbery on November 11.

    "We did get one report from the crew," she said. "And yes it was on that day.

    Members of the film crew woke up to find two men stealing their equipment while they slept, Mr Kakebeen said, prompting two of the actors to leave the island in fear of their lives. He added that the loss of equipment as well as the actors' absence has brought production to a standstill. The CEO also said his company is calling on the hotel's management to reimburse them for the $5,000 worth of equipment stolen during the latest raid or the hotel will face "serious consequences.

    "If there is no reimbursement then we will actually put a letter out to all the travel agencies in the States to let people know in America that they can't stay at that resort because they will be robbed," he said.

    Hotel management at Port Lucaya Resort and Pelican Bay, another hotel where crew members stayed, refuted claims by Mr Kakebeen of slow reactions to the reports - and said their hotels' security speedily responded to the calls. Mr Kakebeen also claimed that Freeport police accused the film crew of lying about the incidents when they made their complaints. "We reported it to the police each time," he said. "And they said we were just lying about the robberies ever happening, they didn't believe us and it just makes no sense because we have no reason to make this up. He said the company is offering a $2,500 reward to anyone who can give them information in an attempt to retrieve the stolen goods. The highly anticipated additions to the trilogy are expected to be as successful as Pirates of the Caribbean Part 1: The Curse of the Black Man's Pearl, which grossed over $650 million worldwide. The movie features A-list actors such as Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightely.

    By IANTHIA SMITH, Nassau Guardian Staff Reporter


  7. Here's my list:

    Allergies: None, except to goosedown pillows.

    Favorite color: Purple of any shade, royal blue

    T-Shirt size: Medium in men's, large in women's (I really don't need any, though)

    Collections: I don't have any collections. But maybe you could start me on one. :shiny:

    Preferences: I like scented candles, refrigerator magnets, earrings (pierced). Something Christmas-y.

    No-no's: Pens (I've got too many as it is), calendars, posters (I don't put them up).

    I may be updating this list as I remember things I want or don't want. Keep checking back. :)


  8. I went to see it for the fourth time tonight with a friend that hadn't seen it. She liked it. We had one of the small theaters and I'd say it was about 3/4 full. Men, women, some older children. I didn't go in thinking about the box office, just that I wanted to see the movie once again. I'll see it as often as I can while it's out in theaters. But I'm not going to get all bummed out because it didn't do well. Orlando's doing what he loves doing.acting. He can't dwell on box office numbers or it'll depress him and he'll give up. We all know Orlando's not a quitter.

    Besides, I know we all love to go and watch his expressive close-ups. Everyone else is just missing out big time! There will come a time that they'll come around and finally see the light. And we'll be waiting there for them saying "We told you so!" :P


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