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  1. This article seems to be suggesting that The Cross may not film in Australia, though it doesn't look like a final decision has been made.

    Am I correct that SA stands for South Australia?

    I'm sure you are, Jules, especially as this was an article from "Adelaide now."

    Interesting reading. I wonder whether they will eventually film in Australia. Exchange rates can undoubtedly make a huge difference to costs.

  2. Thanks for the news, HeySailor.

    It's good to hear that this project is still in the works but, of course, there are no guarantees that Orlando will be still attached. I suppose it will depend on what else he has lined up around the same time, and also whether he still fits To's vision for the movie when casting and the script are finalised.

    We shall see.

  3. Sorry I haven't added to the discussion so far... it's been manic.

    Do you think we need to put something out there or await the first question as to whether there will be a Con this year? Sam asked me about it when I saw her a couple of weeks ago and, from the conversation we had, other people are definitely discussing whether there will be a Con this year. I would imagine most people will guess it isn't happening but, no doubt, someone will ask soon enough (and my guess is it will be Pam!). I guess there isn't much to say until we know what we are doing but we should be aware that people are discussing the possibility and we may be asked about it at some point.

    Other than that, and I don't mean to be all "bah humbug," I'm not sure a "Virtual Con" is going to work. Perhaps some events on here around the premiere of "SfD" (if it happens at Toronto) would be great and we could encourage local get togethers with the attendees posting pictures and commentaries back here. There is definitely going to be a summer UK meet-up and I'm sure we could encourage more, similar, events around the world.

    Maybe we should set a date to think about a Con again later this year. This will be the first year we have not held a Con after 5 years of great events so we need to be ready for some disappointed members.

    So, what do you think? Local events for this year and we'll reconvene here later this year to plan for next year or beyond? Of course, if I am being "bah humbug" about the virtual Con then ignore me.

    I'm probably still on for Toronto as a quick getaway, though, if "SfD" premieres there, unless it clashes with our annual "Oktoberfest" (which happens in September or October... our annual meet up with friends somewhere in the UK).

  4. I echo everything you ladies have said. What an amazing life Rory Stewart has led so far (I wonder what else he has up his sleeve!). His closeness to, and understanding of, the communities in which he worked and travelled means that his story should translate into an excellent, and very insightful, movie.

    Great find, Jules!

  5. That's all really great, Geri. I was concerned that we might get little in the way of donations this time but both of your approaches would really help underline that when we think we have no money, we actually have a lot more than many people in the world.

    I'm also thinking that in our next drive for donations we should emphasise more the less fortunate children in Zambia. If I am remembering correctly, there are 90,000 children living on the streets in Lusaka and the country has the most orphaned children in the world. I am wondering if some of our members see the pictures of happy children and think that money is not needed, unlike the harrowing pictures we see from other countries where famine is rife and warlords rule. It's great that the children at the orphanage are helped, but they also need money to help the children living on the streets. There are very few orphanages in Lusaka so, believe me, these children are the lucky ones.

  6. To me, collecting actual goods and sending them out to Zambia sounds horrendously complicated, compared with sending Angela money and letting her buy what she really needs. But if you want to take it on, I won't stop you!

    It just seems to me that we all have bits and pieces lying around which we never use and if there was a way of getting them to Zambia easily that would ease financial pressures on people. I may ask Angela about receiving items by post but the problem for us is that it will not be trackable so we will never know how much stuff actually gets through. So, I'm going to drop this idea again (!) and I agree we should stick to cash.

    I'm glad that we can work towards the birthday project for '09 using the orphanage as the chosen charity and will have a think about how we position this, for Geri's benefit (thanks for your help, Geri).

    Now we just need to plan when we go out to the members and our deadlines. I'll check back to last year to see when we kicked things off.

  7. I'm wondering if we should do a push on the orphanage around Christmas time, as long as it isn't overkill.

    We can keep our heads down through November and then maybe we could ask members to remember the orphanage when shopping for gifts. We would say we don't need much, just a small donation would help.

    Alternatively, we could leave it until Orlando's birthday. On the one hand January is always a time when people are trying to economise. On the other it gives us all a bit of breathing space through November and December and people might well be ready to give something in January to commemorate Orlando's birthday. In the past, members have been responsive and wanted to give around that time.

    The more I think about it the more I think Orlando's birthday should be the next big push. I would love to be able to organise a way of collecting practical items eg children's clothes, toiletries, towels, shoes, the odd toy or pack of sweets/candy etc but I'm struggling with it. If you think it's a goer I'll contact Angela and maybe members could send things directly to them in Lusaka.

    If you think that's too complicated then we can go back to monetary donations. Judi, how much have you received in donations so far?


  8. Yes, I'll post something. I'll have to just post it "as is" as obviously we don't know what is wrong with the little boy but, of course, HIV/AIDS is the most likely explanation.

    I could check with Angela but she is so busy it takes weeks to get a response. It would be nice to know if it was a one-off, ie something that will be cured with medication but I suspect it's more a case of alleviating symptoms.

  9. Here's an e-mail I have received from Angela Miyanda. It's so sad.


    A note to say thank you for the money you sent. We received it last week and we are grateful. What reached here was $880. It came at a right time just when we needed it for medicals of a new toddler who was recently left to die. His name is Johnny and i thing he is about 18-24 months though he doesnt talk. He has been sickly from the time he was brought in. Its our prayer that he will settle down and be able to lead a normal life. So once again thank you again for your love and kindness.

    ANgela andkids

  10. Hooray!

    After the initial rush when things slow down, do you think a donation button would be appropriate? Or maybe a link in the bar under the banner?

    Yes, definitely Faye. Perhaps in a couple of weeks?

    Judi, here's a stab at the line(s) you need: " On behalf of the children at Kabwata Orphanage and the people who work so tirelessly to improve their lives, the staff at ka-Bloom would like to say a heartfelt "thank you" for your generous donation. We know it will be put to good use." Is that OK?

  11. It looks perfect to me.

    I'll post late afternoon/early evening when I'm back. I have my mind on other things right now, namely the sponsored ride with Ivan at 12 noon (but I have a lot to do before then, too).

    So, look out for the post later today (or earlier, of course, for those across the pond).

  12. I'll relay your thanks and compliments to Sam.

    Judi, are you able to make Jan's changes to the text (first is to delete the comma between "alone" and "only" in the 3rd paragraph, second is to replace the colon with a semi-colon before "over 90,000" and the third is to punctuate "U.N." correctly).


  13. Well, we have a donations page! I tried to keep it fairly light on text because my long post covers a lot of the background and information about the charity but I hope you'll agree there is enough in there to encourage people to donate.

    Judi, Sam hopes you can use this but let me know if there are any technology issues and she needs to change the file format.

    Once we have completed the changes we just need to agree logistics ie do I post this link in my long post or does it need to be highlighted separately somehow? I could just put a "Donate now" link quite prominently in my post somewhere. I just don't want it to get missed so will see how it looks.

    Anyway, I hope you like Sam's work. I'll send her some flowers or something to say thanks.

    ETA: I've tried to upload the file but have a message saying I am not permitted to upload it. Judi, I will e-mail it to you and wonder if you can work your magic and post it?

    ETA2: Judi has saved the day and here's the updated page. She is going to add a second "donate" button near the top and is changing the background colour slightly but any comments on the text?


  14. Just to advise I am relenting a little on the photos issue, at least on the donations page. I think we have to have some photos on there or it will be lifeless. Other websites which mention Kabwata have posted pictures of the children so I can't see we are doing anything different. When we were there Angela was very careful to make sure we did not take photos of any children who might have been abused, whose parents might be looking for them, but she was happy for us to photograph the others.

    I'll keep the photos out of the presentation but I think we have to have something on the "donations" page. I'll then post more photos in the "Members'" area, as I said before.

    Does anyone have any strong views on this?

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