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  1. I spy Will Turner! And we haven't seen Sam in AGES. Thanks, Rene!
  2. If it's a Netflix production - which it is - it will be there as long as Netflix is. Reminded me a lot of Digging for Fire. Me? Meh. (But glad others are liking it!)
  3. Thanks, Rene. It would appear that he found said trunks, finally. *Snort* From the looks of things, he's had it for a while but just took it 'public'.
  4. Two weeks from tonight - I'm looking forward to it! Thanks, Rene, the photos are great.
  5. I was looking up a movie time in my Fandango app - and accidentally came across the release date for POTC5: May 26, 2017 (so Memorial Day weekend in the US)!
  6. Thanks, Ermina. Lovely, as always. x
  7. 7 Days in Hell was hysterical, so I'm looking forward to this.
  8. I missed him while watching (well, listening mostly) - thanks!
  9. Kind of sad that he never did SM in the UK or US. Just wasn't ready for it I suppose.
  10. He really doesn't look like a boy anymore. *sigh* Thanks, Rene.
  11. Verra handsome! Thanks, Rene.
  12. I figured it if also featured Jake Johnson, that it was the same director as Digging for Fire. Hope it's better than that. Thanks, Rene!
  13. He looks LEAN and MEAN! :security: Thanks, Rene.
  14. Aww, thank you, Ermina - I love it. :heart: