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  1. I spy Will Turner! And we haven't seen Sam in AGES. Thanks, Rene!
  2. Jan


    If it's a Netflix production - which it is - it will be there as long as Netflix is. Reminded me a lot of Digging for Fire. Me? Meh. (But glad others are liking it!)
  3. Jan

    Orlando's Instagram Account

    Thanks, Rene. It would appear that he found said trunks, finally. *Snort* From the looks of things, he's had it for a while but just took it 'public'.
  4. Jan

    Easy: Production Photos

    Two weeks from tonight - I'm looking forward to it! Thanks, Rene, the photos are great.
  5. I was looking up a movie time in my Fandango app - and accidentally came across the release date for POTC5: May 26, 2017 (so Memorial Day weekend in the US)!
  6. Jan

    Be Kind

    Thanks, Ermina. Lovely, as always. x
  7. Jan

    Tour de Pharmacy

    7 Days in Hell was hysterical, so I'm looking forward to this.
  8. I missed him while watching (well, listening mostly) - thanks!
  9. Jan

    Orlando's Weibo Account

    Kind of sad that he never did SM in the UK or US. Just wasn't ready for it I suppose.
  10. He really doesn't look like a boy anymore. *sigh* Thanks, Rene.
  11. Jan

    PICS: Cannes Film Festival 2016

    Verra handsome! Thanks, Rene.
  12. Jan


    I figured it if also featured Jake Johnson, that it was the same director as Digging for Fire. Hope it's better than that. Thanks, Rene!
  13. Jan

    Lost Kingdom RPG

    He looks LEAN and MEAN! :security: Thanks, Rene.
  14. Jan

    Happy Birthday, Jan

    Aww, thank you, Ermina - I love it. :heart: