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  2. One Final Look

    So sad to see this place close down, but I have literally not been on here in years. I have so many fond memories of all of you and I have made many friends here. Thank you to Jan and everyone else who made this my go to website for a very long time. Love you Orlando/Legolas, and I always will. Ermina, you are a gem!
  3. One Final Look

    I reset my password only to be able to give praise for your final farewell. I will miss this place, though I may have been not very active. Be well all. Love Isa
  4. One Final Look

    I'm gutted this is stopping- I may not have posted, but I've always been here - and I'll never forget the Forum....</3 When i met Orlando on MTV TRL coming back and talking to you all abou tit was a highlight.I'll never forget it.

    HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY ORLANDO! I can't believe our Elf is 40! He still looks like he is 20! I watched my DVD of Romeo & Juliet to celebrate his birthday. I hope Orlando's birthday was as special as he is. Kim

    Happy Birthday Orlando! I hope it was fabulous and all your wishes come true! (I agree, 40 is just a blink of an elven eye!) I'm watching Kingdom of Heaven in your honor. Glenna

    I hope it has been a most wonderful day and evening, Orlando! You deserve only the best, today and always. Thanks for all the incredible memories that you have given me over the years.

    Completely valid point! :) Happy Birthday Orlando!! May you have a wonderful day spent with loved ones! Wishing you all the best in the coming year and always!

    Good point, Marilyn, about elves not really aging.

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! Remember, 40 years is only the blink of an eye for an elf. Have fun celebrating with friends and family, and know that we are all so proud of all that you do.

    Happy Birthday Orlando! I hope you are having a great day with family and friends. It's hard to believe that he's 40. He sure doesn't look it, but then elves don't really age.


    Orlando! Wishing you a beautiful day, and every good thing in the year to come.
  14. I can't post in the Happy Birthday thread for Orlando.  Where is the reply button?  Anyways, I already wished Orlando a very Happy Birthday on his Facebook page.  It is very exciting to actually be able to wish him one and know he will see it! :heart: 



    Happy Birthday, Orlando! May your day be filled with love, laughter and happiness. Best wishes today and always. Rene x
  16. One Final Look

    Thank you, Molokai, for a lovely look. I had fun reading the background text in the banner, how the mood changes from seriousness to hilarity dotted with member names. It's so us, so ka-Bloomie. Thank you also for all the beautiful decorations you have created for our home from home during the years. Elvira
  17. One Final Look

    Thank you for the final beauties Molokai. Like CaliMom I shall miss all the magnificent artwork that various talented people have produced here. Including some of the specialised icons! etc. T.
  18. One Final Look

    Dear molokai, your incomparable creations are among what I will miss most. Thank you for gracing us with your artwork over the years. This latest banner is just perfect. 😍 Mahalo! 🌺 Salamat.
  19. One Final Look

    I was here earlier and saw this beautiful banner, but I just couldn't comment. It's goodbye to this wonderful board, and I am sad about that. However, you have sent us out in style, molokai, with one last perfect banner. Thank you for all your efforts in making ka-Bloom a beautiful place to be a part of.
  20. One Final Look

    A pleasure every time. Thanks ka-Bloom/Judi/Jan for the opportunity.
  21. One Final Look

    Thanks so much for creating our final banner, molokai! It's beautiful!
  22. One Final Look

    It is AWESOME!!! Thank you, molokai. You've created beautiful banners and sigs for us over the years. "Incomparable" is exactly the right word to describe your creativity.
  23. One Final Look

    The incomparable molokai has produced a beautiful final banner for us. Nine Orlandos!
  24. Yes, I'm afraid we did have to cull the board in order to be able to keep it going as long as we have. The database was enormous. All the threads that relate directly to Orlando's career are still there, but a lot of the general chat had to go. The problem with the old artwork threads was that the pictures were hosted by the poster (at places such as photobucket) and 80% of the links no longer worked. There were pages and pages of little red xs! However, I'm sure that you aren't the only one who would enjoy a trip down wallpaper lane, so I've started a thread asking people to post their favourites. I'm sure that lots of people will still have a stash on their computers.
  25. Dear PEFIC and mods, as I was browsing the board I realized, that a lot of threads seem to have vanished completely. As I couldn't find anything using the search function (search words "topics", "old", "archive" in variations), I'd like to enquire whether there is a kind of "archive" where you could look through those old topics, or whether those have been removed from the board due to storage issues? I wanted to take a stroll down memory lane as I remembered all those beautiful wallpapers and photo manips so many made, but it seems a lot of those have been removed. Thank you for letting me know, and apologies in advance if I overlooked the information. ~Liz~
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